Our Core Programme

Money Mastery Mentorship Program

Certified Professional Trainer Program

Money Mastery Mentorship Program

Money Mastery Mentorship Program helps individual to achieve financial independence through a unique, personalized wealth creation system, designed according to individual’s passion and strengths.

This renowned learning program goes beyond the normal seminar offerings and provides a long-term, durable pathway to financial freedom and personal fulfillment. Money Mastery Mentorship Program offer a system of learning which exceeds the run-of-the mill seminar experiences. We assists individual to remove the restraints that they place on their financial goals and life.

This program is result-driven which emphasize on the accomplishment that individual obtained during and after the program to measure their success. It is also highly practical, focusing on hands on learning experiences which equip individual with all the support they require. Our graduates are equipped with skills that enable them to accomplish more with less, maximizing their life for long term financial security.

Many of our graduates have life-changing experiences, accomplished breakthrough results in life after the intensive bootcamp.

Cultivate Your Passion To Train and Speak


In order to help many Passionate Speaker and Trainer to be, KC See has specially curated and designed Certified Professional Trainer program to help people with passion to become a powerful trainer.

In QuestCorp global, we strive to deliver measurable results to our clients by providing them the necessary platform and practical advise from our pool of experts.

Our various corporate training events as well as public seminars serve as valuable platforms for our Certified Professional Trainers (CPT) to be exposed to and involved in live training and speaking engagements.

There are many ready to use in house and corporate training programme from which CPT graduates can select to conduct as our associate trainers.

In 2016, we are collaborating with Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association with over 100 managers club throughout China to roll out CPT program and other IPMA programs. This initiative will greatly develop the numbers of certified trainers and increase our global presence and profitability.

We’re proud of to mention that our program has successfully transformed personal and financial lives of many of our students, these students are now living in their desire life, including some of our well-known celebrity speakers and inspirational trainers.